Preparing for my 4th marathon - Cleveland!

Since I didn't want to see Cindy train solo for her appearance at the Boston Marathon, I made the decision to try my hand at running a spring full marathon & train with her (I usually run a 1/2 and I still plan to do that as well...2 weeks prior to the full!) The Cleveland Marathon is about 4 weeks after Boston but we have made our schedules work within a few miles of one another for our long runs. I must admit, training for a full in the winter pretty much sucks. I don't mind running in the cold as Lord knows I've spent a small fortune on cold-weather running gear, but why does it always have to freeze and snow the night before our long run making it unsafe to run outside? So far, I've ran my 10 & my 12 on the dreadmill--I won't even elaborate on how boring that is. I did have the privilege of doing my 14 miler yesterday on the bike trail--finally. It's been so long since I've ran that slight uphill grade, that 7 miles of it took a toll on my knees & I'm paying the price today--ouch! I also did not take enough fluids with me on the out and back run (only took 6 oz of Gatorade for 14 miles) so I ended up with dizziness & calf cramps from mile 9 to the finish...not fun and very out of character for me because I am the "Queen of Hydration"--obsessive about water drinking and take in about a gallon a day. I just wasn't thirsty because it was so cold and figured I'd be ok...NOT the case!I wanted to also add that on Thanksgiving Day, I ran the Flying Feather Four Miler in Dublin and set a race PR of an 8:17 pace. I was 20th in my age group of 212 and 442nd of 2649 overall.December was crazy as usual and I needed a break & wanted to give my piriforis time to rest & heal so I put in only 50 miles total for the month & packed on 6-8 lbs in no time flat with the holiday goodies and lack of calorie burn! I'm happy to say, my head is back in the game, 4 lbs are gone & I'm very motivated for Cleveland. My friend Carla will be running her first marathon there as well and will be kicking my butt right out of the gate because she is an amazing runner & mother of 5! Can't wait to hear what Cindy thinks of Boston & how Carla does in Cleveland!