CAPITAL CITY HALF MARATHON 2010 ~ 3 Lessons Learned

It was a decent race today--fell 7 minutes short of my goal, but still a PR by a minute plus.  I struggled a little with some abdominal pain from mile 6 that I've been dealing with this past month (possibly my gallbladder)  but was able to push thru and even tried walking at 3 different times to see if it would go away but it didn't.  The rain that started around mile 10 was a welcome relief from the humidity.  It was not a hot day, about 65 at the start and a little muggy.I tried to pace with John's brother Herb (he just ran Boston last week!) and I only lasted 2-3 miles.  He was planning on a 1:50 as well .  I was struggling to stay with him; so maybe next time--he ran a 1:47!I had to pee the ENTIRE 13 miles even though I went twice before the start...once just 10 minutes before gun time!  I even passed an empty porta-john once (which is a rarity because they never have enough on the course and there is ALWAYS a line) and looking back, wish I would have stopped and maybe I could have ran faster. Lesson learned.Snake count: freaking kidding!   We ran past this crappy house/garage and there stood a guy with a huge yellow viper hanging around his neck!  I can't win; no matter where I go, they are there, even in a race with 10,000 people!  HATE snakes!!!!!!!!Something very random happened at the finisher area!  I was trying to find John and Alex so I borrowed a cell phone from a girl next me.  As it turned out, she was someone I just "met" a few days ago on the new runner's site I've been using to log my miles and chat with fellow runners (  It took me a minute, but I realized that she resembled "Jenny" from the website photo so I asked if that was her and sure enough, it was!!  What a SMALL world!!I also had the privilege of meeting a veteran marathoner; a 76 year old man who drove here from Pittsburgh to run his Grandson's first 1/2 marathon with him.  He told me he has ran over 1,000 races since the age of 30, including 10 consecutive Boston marathons in 1990-1999.  He was such an inspiration.  Ironically, I ran into him as well in the finisher area and got to chat with him a bit more (he ran a 2:17 today!) WOW!!  It really is never to late to start something.  I didn't start running until the age of 34.  Lesson learned.Today brought lots of PR's & first time 1/2 marathon accomplishments for several of my friends.   That's what it's all about--just enjoying the ride; counting the blessings of being able to enjoy this awesome sport no matter what your age, ability, history, setbacks, challenges, run your own race, set your own goals.  It's personal & the only person you are truly competing against is yourself. Lesson learned.Splits:  8:28, 8:20, 8:36, 8:55, 9:01, 8:43, 9:03, 9:16, 9:24, 8:56, 9:14, 9:14, 9:07, 8:13