Paddle, Pedal, and Pace to the Finish at the Little Miami Triathlon in Oregonia, Ohio

30th out of 170 individually among all females in our fe/fe division & 16th of 85 teams in the fe/fe division.

Team - Tri-Survivors Finish Position -   16 

Team Score (places):  56 Team Score (times): 5:59:40.00

Garmin Splits: Canoe was 58:48 (I started my Garmin about 30 seconds late) for an average pace of 5.5 mph--not too shabby for my 3rd time EVER in a canoe!

Transition was 1 minute (and I was also late hitting the Garmin.  I changed shoes, used porta-potty, chugged some H20 and was off!)

Run was 52:45 for 5.5 miles with Killer Hill" at the finish that everyone crawled up for 4/10 of a mile that stuck me at a 17.20 min/mile pace for that bit & killed my overall run pace which was only about 9:27...that & I am battling a nasty ankle injury (Peroneal Tendonitis).

Transition was 2:07 minutes (change shoes again, don helmet, get a drink, get clipped in)

Bike was 1:06.46 for 18 miles which equates to 16mph (& my first time EVER to ride on an open and very hilly, headwinded road...VERY different than the nice, smooth & relatively flat bike trail that I'm used to)

Overall finish time was 3:00:22.  The plan was to finish in 3 hours or less so given my bum ankle that caused me to walk up several of the bigger hills during the run, the unexpected (and untrained for) hills on both the run and the bike, persistent headwinds and heat & the fact that I never canoe, I am VERY stoked about today’s Triathlon. 

That's one more thing to mark off my bucket list!!

In just 5 weeks I've completed a 1/2 marathon, a full marathon AND my first triathlon!!