Final Time & Place (A/G/O)


09:54 / mile


Place (A/G/O)










Marathon P.R.





This was one tough race.  I was done with it before it even started...really done with it by mile 6-7, considered quitting at the half around mile 10-11, got a second wind after that, then went right back down the tubes again.  For starters, I couldn't get into the start corral, was forced to stand in swampy, muddy grass, took 4 miles to reach my pace group...just not a good start.

I was advised to go out slow & was given a race strategy to follow that I was trying like crazy to abide by because I totally respect & trust the elite runner friend who gave it to me (& like I had a choice not to go slow in this stupid was heel clipping, people dodging for 4 miles along with a 6 minute delay for being forced to the back of the corral with the walkers) My marathon splits are always 25 min @ the 5k, 60 min @ 7 miles, 1:57 @ the half, 3:05 at the 20...then I proceed to always bomb the last 6.2 & lose all my banked I decided to heed the advice & run more even splits & not bank in hopes that I'd have the stamina to run negative or close splits in the end. (I needed a 9:09 or less for a sub 4:00 finish). For goodness sakes, this isn't even a fast pace, it should be totally doable. I think it's because I don't act or feel my age [44.5] that I don't feel it's fast, but of course, by Boston standards, it must be?

1 09:00 (trying to get out of the pack & master the uphill start)

2 08:39 (hauling ass trying to find the 4:00 pace group)

3 08:42 (still hauling ass; still can't see them)

4 09:11 (ah ha, found em!)

5 08:50 (finally got to them)

6 09:13 (pace group is moving kinda alow)

7 08:51 (finding my pace again, left the group)

8 08:56 (starting to feel heavy legs)

9 09:07 (starting to have right calf pain)

10 08:59 (thinking I might just turn with the 1/2 people & screw it)

11 09:15 (resolved to give up; gel pack from mile 7 never set in)

12 08:48 (high-fived a priest & felt like this was a sign from God, didn't turn off)

13 08:44 (got a second wind, thinking I can do this afterall)

14 09:16 (heavy legs, throbbing calf, wishing I'd gone for the half)

15 09:55 (now in tears, can't feel legs, calf really hurting)

16 10:15 (realizing it's all over now)

17 09:57 (the medical tent is appealing & maybe I can get a ride)

18 09:53 (no, dammit, I trained so hard for this; even if I have to crawl...)

19 10:17 (starting to take walk breaks, legs so heavy)

20 10:42 (stopped to stretch the calf & pulled it more, stabbing pain now)

21 10:24 (my mind is beating me up)

22 11:27 (more walking now)

23 11:33 (more of the same)

24 11:34 (watching my overall pace pass 9:30; knowing there isn’t even going to be a PR)

25 11:33 (run, walk, run, walk)

26 10:43 (got some motivation from a stranger to stop walking & run with her)

27 10:27 (limped to the finish, defeated, cold, hurting & totally pissed)

Split10K:  0:56:03

Half:  1:59:07

Split 30K (18.6 miles):  2:55:24