Final Time & Place (A/G/O)


09:36 / mile


Place (A/G/O)










I never thought I would "purposefully" set a race goal of 10-15 minutes slower than my PR BUT given that I could not get a deferral or transfer for my entry after my unfortunate mishap on July 30th, I decided to use this as a "come-back" LSD run!  I broke my foot & severely sprained my ankle during an obstacle race & I was just allowed out of my walking boot two weeks prior to this race.  I was to start 4 weeks of  PT & gradually start running again.  I was supposed to start slow & at just 3 miles a few times per week.  Well, the stubborn Italian in me said otherwise & I decided to let my foot/ankle dictate how far & how fast I could run!  I had been doing some random deep water pool running & some rowing to keep up my endurance over the weeks that I wasn't running but I felt completely out of shape & got easily winded.  My comeback runs included distances of 3,5,7, 10, a also a5 mile trail run & then a 1/2 marathon!  I actually went out a bit too fast & my heart rate was out of control in the 170's, which is where my tempo & speed work runs would be so it was clear that I was far from being "race-ready".  I put up with this for about 8 miles & then it was time to pull back.  The long, gradual hills were pushing me into the 180's & my pace was only in the upper 9:00's.  I walked off & on for about 2-3 miles during the last part of the race & even the 10-11:00 paces kept my rate in upper 160's.  My chest felt like it would explode & then I developed a slight headache.  I was super careful to watch for potholes, gravel & low spots that might trigger a reinjury to my foot too so that also made for a tough race.  As for the race itself, I didn't care for it & wouldn't choose this one to run again.  The traffic was awful, the expo was below average, the scenery during the race was pretty boring & there was very little spectator support being that it was on an air force base.  I knocked this one off the ole' bucket list & had a good time with my running buddies who were there, so it all worked out.  Next in line is my next comeback race, the Columbus 1/2 marathon where I will hopefully dip back in the 1:50's again.  I'm not expecting a PR, just a respectable return to where I left off!