This didn't go quite like I'd planned but good enough to place 6th/166 in the 40-49 age group & 229th/1545 overall! Plan was 23:50--wanted to improve upon my 5k time 2 weeks ago of 24:25...had a stellar pace going out of the gate & into the second mile & then I got the worst side stitch EVER & that sucker lingered the rest of the race & of course, the more I inhaled & the higher my heart rate was, the more sharp the pain got. It worsened on the uphill climb as we headed back towards town to finish. I have been dealing with some insomnia the last few nights & last night was terrible. I kept waking up thinking I'd missed the race & worrying about having to be at work by 11:00 (the race started at 9:30 & I'm a good 50 minutes away from the hospital). Today I am thankful for baby wipes & Estee' Lauder perfumed body lotion...and the ability to put on makeup in a dark parking garage & not come out looking like a clown! I even did my hair in hot rollers & was all curly when I left the house for the race in hopes it would hold so that I would look good at work, but it was flat before I even started the race! So...this will probably be the last time I try & do a race right before having to be at work!