CRRC Winter Run 7.5 Miler

This isn't quite how I'd planned for things to play out. The plan was to kick this courses' butt & crush last years' time BUT being that the hubs & I were up all night sick, I went to this race with the "final answer" to just chuck it [no pun intended] & be the photographer & cheerleader for the folks in my running club doing the race. Met up with Ben K. Peter A. Cindy W. Jessica A. Allison B. Rebecca E. Matt S. Mike S. Brandie D. Steph M. Dave P. Don M. & Karl H. who's smiling face was waiting for us all at the finish line. This race is literally 7.5 miles from my house so what a shame to not get to race it, right? So, just on the sly that I might feel better when I got there [race wasn't until 1:00 pm], I went ahead and dressed for the occasion in my many layers & took a check with me just in case I decided to register [it was 21 degrees, 7 with the windchill & 18 mph winds & once you see the elevation chart, no other words are necessary!] Once I got there & felt the energy from my group & a little push from Cindy to suck it up & run, I decided to [wo]man up, register & see what I could do. This race is on back country roads in the midst of flipping nowhere, so if I got really sick, I knew I could just call my hubby & he could be there in 5 minutes to drag my be-hind off the course. I started kicking myself for even trying this as I was walking to the start, but it's over, I didn't run what I wanted, but I did knock off at least 3 minutes over last years' time but still 3 minutes off my goal time.