This is my worst marathon time...ever, but a very hard-earned race in 80 to 90 degree temps. Thank you everyone for your support and concern...I got back to 30 texts and a ton of Facebook messages. I ran smart like I promised and I chucked Boston at mile 8.  The pacers in the race were even dropping back...getting replacement pacers at the halfway mark. Everyone was so supportive of one another...it was a challenge.  Oh and I also worked the expo for 2 days leading up to the race, selling Bondibands with my good friend Fran B. and daughter Karlee M.!!6th marathon & slowest EVER...but all because of the extreme heat, not because I was injured or ill prepared. When you are issuing yellow & red warnings for a race, it's smart to have water stops more frequently than every 1-2 miles; complaint number one & some hoses from more than a few concerned homeowners. The rest I won't get into, but let's just say I threw my BQ and/or PR out the window by the 10k when I lost my pace group & stopped feeling my legs underneath me. There was no cloud cover to speak of. I have a sunburn, I'm cooked. I ran the first 8-9 fairly decent, my half split was the worst ever in any marathon to date if that tells you anything & the I took some walk breaks here & there till about 14-15, then did a run fast for a minute, walk a minute scenario from 15-19...then did a walk/shuffle the rest of the way pretty much. Brandon B. & my daughter Karlee M. & her friend Ashley met me at miles 20-& 22 respectively to lend a hand with keeping me focused & help me to the end.Let's talk about the funniest sign EVER!! Let me first go back to how it all starts...in the swag bags at packet pick-up, was a box...in the box was this pretty little pink satin zippered pouch containing Tampax products & coupons...and yes, the guys got them too! So...at about mile 24ish, there stands 2 women with signs that read "Hey guys, how those Tampax working out for you? Now, pick up your uterus, be a man & finish the race"! To make it even funnier, the music on the sidewalk playing just so happened to be "Dude Looks Like a Lady"!! I think that's the closest I've ever come to peeing my pants in a race! So funny! Anyhoooo, this one goes down as my hardest marathon worked for yet (running a close second to the 2008 Steamtown). I was the most prepared I've ever been training-wise for both my half & my fulls this spring & both of them were ruined by extreme weather situations. Now, where do I go from here is the question? I don't admit defeat very easily...to be continued...hmmm...I run my slowest marathon time ever--since my first one in 2006--this being my 6th full marathon, in horrendously hot temperatures and yet somehow, this is my highest age group & gender finish/placement out of any of them? So in theory, does this mean it's actually my best marathon ever? WTH?Around mile 18, I met up with my new friend, Dawn, whom I'd met while working the expos for BondiBand.  She was struggling and wanting to have her son come and get her.  I suggested we weather the storm together and that's what we did.  We even crawled across the finish line, just to say we well, crawled across the finish line!  Pictures don't lie!

Bib: #850

Debra Michel

Age: 45

Gender: Female

Division: MARATHON

NET TIME: 04:36:23GUN TIME: 04:39:29

OVERALL PLACE 1416of 14770

WOMENS RANK 7677of 8319

PACE 0:10:32.mins/

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  • Brandon B. Not death, just a morale beating. Seriously Deb, you were a warrior today. You toughed it out even when the result would be seemingly pointless. And you managed to smile and find humor in it the whole way. AND, you saw beyond yourself and made sure that Dawn stayed with you and finished the race. You did great for what you were given and I found it a pleasure to get to run with you and see you at that part of the race. You're awesome Deb!

  • Danielle M. Way to push through on a tough day! And smart to pull back in the heat. You'll find another one and rock it!

  • Jenson Great Performance: Congratulations! Your next one will be faster!

  • Paul L. Great Performance: Not a thing you can do about the weather except persevere or go home. GREAT JOB, Deb! Sorry to learn how ill-prepared the organizers were. You'll remember that sign for the rest of your life :)

  • Cindy W. You'll have to look at this one as a different kind of race. Anyone going into a marathon & looking at that kind of weather has to re-adjust their expectations. So, you just need to look at this as a race you survived despite the tough heat conditions & being poorly organized & managed. You'll get your PR yet...just can't do it when it's 80 plus degrees.

  • Lisa K. Deb, I think you did great, but I know exactly how you feel, because I feel the same :( but we both finished and it was great to meet you.at the EXPO. I am going to put this behind me, and I know you will too.

  • Rebecca Congrats on completing another great marathon!! Just think of how much more tough this could have been had you been injured or not so well trained. All that training definitely paid off and helped you to still run a great race in such extreme weather conditions. I can't believe they weren't more prepared with their water supply. Too funny about the sign! Glad it came towards the end and helped you smile for a bit as you pushed to the end!

  • Bill B. Fantastic job Deb, sorry I missed you at the expo. I think you have to consider this one of your best races. I know quite a few sub 4:00 marathoners who came in over 5:00:00 and even 6:00:00

  • Beth A. It was a rough one, and I only did the half! I was feeling for those runners who had to run twice as long as I did. Thank God for those people with their water hoses out. I don't know if I could have finished without that. Congratulations on a job well done; you defeated it; it did not defeat you. You'll get a better time on the next one!

  • Beth S. There is no defeat when you finish a race under those conditions. Spring races are so hard. I'm so proud of everyone that pushed through on Sunday. You are a rock star and now you can ride bikes with me ;) Love ya girlie!!!

  • Tara M. I was thinking of you all day. I had friends who ran it, 1 who did her 1st full (ugh!) They all said the same...miserable. Ugh! Also heard not much crowd support? Here's hoping your recovery at least goes better than expected? At least you have the next 2 days off of work, right? You did amazing!

  • Scott E. You're an Inspiration: Amazing work!

  • Rina M. You're an Inspiration: Whoot! Whoot! Big congratulations for finishing this one Deb! Understandably disapointing, but you got the job done! Sounds like it was a HOT one. Take care of that sunburn and knowing you, you'll acheive that PR! :+)

  • Mike S. Great Performance: Way to stick through and finish the race. What tough conditions, nothing to be ashamed of at all!!!

  • Peter F. Theres no defeat in our sport just a learned experiance. Be proud that you finished. Thanks for the good laugh this morning

  • Tony No stopping you Deb. Well done.

  • Stephanie Q. Still a GREAT job! Way to finish it out!

  • T J. I've got complete and total admiration for you for pushing through this marathon! Sending you a hefty pat on the back. - Reading your post about that sign almost made me pee my pants laughing too! Congratulations on a marathon you should be proud of finishing. I'm proud for ya!

  • Christa B. You're an Inspiration: Wow! That is an amazing time for the conditions. You rock. You will find a BQ race.

  • Steve M. Great Performance: great job getting through this one Deb! i'm proud of ya! sounds like it was a tough one for sure! you're time was still better then i'll probably do on my first one!

  • Mechaela A. Great job finishing in those conditions! Bummer the RD wasn't more in tune with what needs to be done when the weather is hotter. Funny sign too!

  • Tracy C. Awesome job just finishing this one! I did the half and can't imagine doing a full in that heat! I saw you at your booth at the Expo, but you looked really busy and didn't want to bother you. I'm sure we'll meet at another race!

  • Charles S. Deb that's is an awesome pace in any kind of heat! I figure every 5 degrees above 60 my effeciency drops about 2 percent! Very impressive!

  • Melissa H. I know it wasn't you favorite time, but great job in that heat! The most important thing is that you ran and live to tell about it!

  • Erica R. Great job in such tough conditions! I think this is a great time for all you had to deal with. You trained hard and it showed!

  • Greg S. No need to admit defeat, it was a brutal day for a marathon on a course that doesn't offer much shade. Great job just getting the finish.

  • Gil You'll be back with a vengeance:) I know that for sure. Extreme heat can't stop!