50 States Racing: Twin Cities Marathon - Minnesota 2014


BibRave Race ReviewWell, here's marathon #3 for 2014 (4 for the last 12 months) in the books...and 4th one done with this dang achilles tendon knot. I am of course, not proud of what is my 4th worst marathon time to date (all 4 having been in the last 12 months) but I set a reasonable goal of 4:30 and stuck to it quite easily actually, running a very consistent first half and then backing way down the second half to the point that I could still continue enjoying the run.The course was very nice, the scenery pretty, the weather COLD (37 at the start) and this marks my 12th state off the bucket list!  We stayed near the starting line and rode a bus back (provided).  The course is basically a circle with a switchback at mile 19 to the finish. It’s called "the most beautiful urban marathon in the country".  It starts in downtown Minneapolis, goes around the lakes, through neighborhoods, along the river and ends at the state Capitol.I didn't put up a very good time as I have been battling a huge knot on my achilles tendon that I can't seem to get a handle on. We are having a fantastic time doing this despite the setbacks...no one ever said they times had to be great, but the memories and the fun do...and they are!!!  Check out the map and elevation and add this gem to your racing goal list.  Oh...and the Hokas are really helping with the achilles pain. The knot is still there, raging and larger than ever, but the pain is more manageable.Next up is the Gasparilla Michelob Ultra Challenge (4 races in 2 days) in Tampa, Fl in Feb. 2015.  Now that my mileage is starting to improve as well as my pace again, I am hopeful that I will be in decent racing form come February or at least close to where I had been in 2012-2013.  The goal is to knock out 5 more states in 2015 (Florida, Michigan, Arizona and not sure which other two) with my awesome husband.