My Basic Training Poem to My Son

A poem I wrote for my son when he left for basic training:

Eight weeks doesn’t seem all that long. That final day comes that I say “goodbye and be strong”.

Lackland is happening, you will soon pay your dues.  I attend “the parent talk” from your superiors” before dropping leaving you at CMH and facing my empty nest blues.

I know the great things this new journey will bring.  I’m obsessing and waiting for my phone to ring.

Finally the call came to say you arrived and spoke so fast with no time to talk.  I say “Wait! I love you and please don’t forget to call”.

Week one has gone by, the days are moving slow.  I keep my cell phone constantly attached to me as you know!

It’s now been 2 weeks and I’m still awaiting your address, but the phone never rings and I still cannot rest.

Finally one day, from your dad I get a text.  It finally contained that all important address.

I fired off a letter that very same day.  I am very fearful of the wrong things I might say.

Do I talk about the weather or the news?  Do I be serious or sentimental, I simply haven’t a clue.

I run to the mailbox each day I anticipate. I can’t wait for that first letter that says “I love you mom, I’m doing great”!

That first letter arrived saying that “it’s been tough”.  As I read those words, it makes the distance more rough.

The days drag on and with my phone I’m obsessed.  Three weeks gone by, no call to relieve this distress.

Life as a soldier’s mom is a daily worry in my gut.  Sometimes my emotions make me feel like a nut.

I hope you know you have all my support.  My love and my pride will never fall short.

You come home in five weeks near my birthday, a gift that will be.  This time away at basic training will be just a memory.