Perfecting Wilderness Sleeping...The Nemo Duo Tango Sleeping Bag


We wanted a double bag set-up for two reasons.  One, it decreases the combined carrying weight, making space for other essentials (or luxury items) and two, we are cuddle sleepers and found it next to impossible to achieve that comfort with our existing mummy bags.  It's rated to 30 degrees.  It uses our two existing inflatable "Big Agnes" sleep pads (including my husband's extra-long 78" pad).  We purchased the "sleep system" that included a silky, fitted sheet that goes over the pads.  The bag itself is backless, so it also saves on added weight there too.  I can't imagine sleeping directly on the sleeping pad surface, especially during hot, humid nights, so for us, the sheet is a must.  

Pros:  We can carry just one bag between the two of us and free up weight for other necessities (or luxury items). Our two individual bags combined weigh 63 oz and this bag weighs 46 oz, for a savings of 17 oz.  We no longer have the hassle of zipping two bags together (2 mummy-type bags zipped together really restricted our leg movement).   There is also a slim version that will soon be all that is available as this model was discontinued in 2014, however, Nemo still has them available, only on their website.

If you own this sleep system, please feel free to post your experience below.  Happy cuddling!

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