Things I Love and Things I Hate


Things I LOVE: Jamison, children/grandchildren, life, home, cuddling, gardening, Jamie's omelets, cruises, massages, backpacking, running, parties, sushi, shoes, nursing, scrapbooking, horses, chocolate, presents, old photos, calla lilies, squirrels, yoga pants, friends, down pillows, martinis, yoga, movies, coffee, cake, manicures, wine, clothes, flowers, porch swings, beaches, mountains, steak, Mustangs, inspiring quotes, bacon, hot tubs, ice cream, shopping, perfume, sunshine, Tiffany, concerts, gift-giving, snorkeling, leopards, coupons, photography, camping, cooking, music, summer, surprises, water, technology, sunflowers, pregnancy, success, goals, rainbows, smiles.

Things I HATE: Cancer, bad, drunk and texting drivers, judgmental people, snakes, blisters, clowns, puppets, mimes, parades, carelessness, cigarettes, sneaking/lying.

Thankfully, my love list is way bigger than my hate list! That means I'm a generally happy, grateful person; which is the goal. I am also easily annoyed by the things on the hate list, but I'm working on that. With the way that we’re connected in today's technology and social media, it's very quick and easy to communicate what's on our mind, yet not think about the impact it may have.

In order to spread love and encourage kindness, gratitude and open-mindedness, we need to focus our energy on the things that we love [and can control] instead of the things that bother us [that we generally cannot control]. We should give our time and effort to fulfilling our dreams and sharing what we love instead of complaining about what we hate. This world is tough enough.

People can be difficult and push our buttons. That is why we must make a concerted effort to get over what angers us [this is the hardest part], forgive those whom [we feel] have done wrong to us, be happy for what others have and do [jealousy is toxic] and keep a peaceful and hardworking determination towards our dreams.

If we wager a complaint, we should be prepared to back it up with a suggestion or solution; even if it seems impossible or out of reach. Spending time focusing on negative aspects in life will only lead us closer to destruction, while spending our time and efforts devoted to acting and living positively will lead to constructing a better life for ourselves and the people around us who we wish to inspire.