My Proposal From Jamison, 2013


The day was September 23rd 2013. I knew a formal proposal day was coming, I just didn't know when. We knew we were getting married, but we didn't have the rings yet. Things moved so quickly, there was barely time to breathe, let alone worry about rings.

We had planned to get married on October 1st in Arizona, while also running the St. George Marathon. Jamie was having my rings made by a jeweler of his choosing and I was doing the same for him with my jeweler. Even though we had it all planned out, I knew that he would somehow find a way to still make the formal proposal a memorable one.

It was a toasty September evening run on the T.J. Evans trail during a sweaty run. Jamie had the ring with him, but I was none the wiser. We have a thing for bridges. We especially love the bridges on the Evans Trails…there's something magical or special about almost every one of them. Bridges are where conversations took place, where we would stop to take a breather during an intense run, where we would slip and fall/almost fall on the ice during a run, where we stopped to rest once and an older couple stopped to make sure we were ok.

It doesn't sound like a big deal, but our entire friendship was formed on that crazy trail.As we started to run, we ran into our friend Carrie, running solo. I invited her to join us, which she happily agreed to and we all three had a nice run. Carrie eventually turned around to head back to her car; both of us clueless of what was going to take place.

Jamie had planned to propose on a specific bridge, but since we had company, opted to wait. Looking back now, we both wish Carrie had somehow been let in on the deal and taken some photos for us as we have no photo documentation of this wonderful event! Jamie was left with swiftly coming up with another plan since we had already passed the bridge in question. Once we approached the next bridge, he stopped.

I found this odd, because it is not like him to stop during a run. He made some excuse about wanting to look at the water. That's when he got down on his knee, popped my beautiful ring out of his little running belt and made it official. Of course, the answer would be yes! Since we met running, it was only fitting that it be made official during a run here.

Our only regret is that we don't have a photo. So…we did the next best thing. We went home and got out the camera. Jamie took a photo of him proposing (again) and with his wonderful Photoshop skills, added a beautiful background and story of how he did it. It was romantic and just as exciting as if I didn't know it was coming.