Halloween Memories and Costume Party Ideas

I've always loved Halloween. For one, I was due to be born on Halloween. (I ended up being a week overdue). Second, I always loved dressing up as a kid for school costume day...back when it was still allowed! I always wanted to go trick or treating, but we lived in the country and the "old school rule" was that it was "rude to ask for candy in a neighborhood in which you didn't live".I loved taking my kids out every year!

We also lived in the country and I drove my kids into town and to a nearby subdivision to trick or treat. In fact, a few of them even went out when in high school...I always said let them be kids for as long as they want to be! (I need to dig out the hard copies of all their adorable costumes and will post them here soon!)I love it even more now that I'm an adult as it's fun to get all goofy and dress up with adult friends of the same mindset for parties.

These are my costumes from the last decade or so. I haven't been able to dress up the last two years for one reason or another, so maybe next year. I have some good ideas conjured up for costumes. Never grow up!!!