Random High School Memories

High school was a crazy time. I never found my place or much I excelled at. I played volleyball my freshman and sophomore years, which conflicted with marching band. I gave it up due to a very militant band director who made me choose between the two. I was in the band from grade three through junior year and played the clarinet (also the alto, base, contra-alto and contra-bass variations). I made the rifle corps my junior year, then quit band all together my senior year so I could enjoy a stress-free final year.

I was a camp counselor two years for the 6th graders at Camp Ohio. I was in the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) my junior and senior years and served as the State Vice-president. I mostly took business classes and could type and take shorthand dictation at crazy speeds. With FBLA, I traveled to Indianapolis, Atlanta and Washington D.C. To compete in shorthand, typing, Accounting and General Business.

I got a part-time job as soon as I turned 16, so that put a halt to all the above, which was fine with me and I didn't do much of anything my senior year. I always wanted to excel at track, but could never quite find my event. Coaches were not like they are now and really didn't push, encourage or work with us to find our true niche. After seeing how wonderful all of my kid's coaches were with them, I'm pretty confident making that call!

When I played middle and high school basketball and volleyball, I sat the bench and most of the time, didn't get put in until the last 30 seconds and many times, not at all. I lacked self-confidence back then because of this. These are the experiences that shape and teach us.

It was many years before I attempted another sport (age 33) and I'm so glad I did, because I became a decent marathoner as a result. It's been said high school is one of the best times of your life. I disagree; it was my least favorite time and you could not pay me to go back. It's funny because now with the popularity of social media, I'm in touch with so many classmates. I think we have a better time now than 30 years ago!