FIP New Drug Trial Update: Day #2

Today was a great day! Being the weekend and the clinic closed, we had to arrange to visit with Luna when Dr. Montgomery (another vet working with Dr. Pedersen) and Mike would be going in to examine and administer her second dose at 9:00 a.m. Little Luna was resting quietly but quickly sprang to her feet and approached her food bowl; however, Jamison (the catty daddy) swooped her up first to say "good morning". She wasn't having any of that and expressed herself per her usual morning routine which means "give me my wet food now"! I dished up the usual mixture of her two foods (chicken and seafood) and she gobbled them up while the medication dose was prepared.

Her exam started with a fun rectal temperature check; not an easy undertaking on a cat. The results were an awesome 100.6 degrees; down yet another degree from last evening! Another positive finding is that her heart murmur seems to be improving! She didn't even flinch when she received the injection, which is a very thick solution and there was not even a delayed reaction. She went straight back to her food bowl and proceeded to chow down.

Dr. Montgomery checked on her again this evening and her temperature was 100.8 and she was eating well and being playful. Dr. Montgomery texted us a video of her playing with a feather toy. It's tough not getting to see her more, but she is convalescing and appears to be content, which is exactly what she needs for her little body to heal. We will get to see her again at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. I believe the plan is to repeat her lab work on Monday. The team is very pleased with her status and progress and we all are cautiously optimistic.

A fellow Savannah owner in the UK, Mandy Murphy, gets the photo credit for yesterday and today's artistic depictions of Luna. She is a book cover artist, and a very talented one at that! She snagged the photos of Luna from my Facebook album and so generously made these beautiful creations for us.  We are very touched by all the support and generosity that so many have shown to Luna, Jamison and myself from the "FIP Fighters" and "Savannah Cat Enthusiasts" groups and of course, our wonderful friends!

We kept ourselves busy today by walking the many trails that snake around UC Davis (a beautiful university!) as well as hitting a few of the many hiking trails that are nearby in Sonoma, Napa and Auburn, per Dr. Pedersen's recommendations.