FIP New Drug Trial Update: Day #4


Today we visited with Luna again at 9:00 and got to stay with her for a good hour and with the entire team (Dr. Pedersen, Dr. Montgomery & Mike). Luna was the most alert and playful that we have seen her since she first came home to live with us six weeks ago. She is engaging in self-play with balls, feather toys and even empty boxes, all while "the adults" had conversations about her progress and expectations after discharge. Her coat is even shinier than it was yesterday and her eyes are wide and bright. Her abdomen looks even better than yesterday...not 100%, but getting close.

We discussed her 12-week course of treatment at home, daily temperature monitoring and frequent weight checks. Her temp. is now 99.9, the lowest it's ever been since we've had her! Her weight is 4 lb 2 oz, which is about what she weighed when she was full of fluid on admission, so that means that she is actually gaining "real" weight! Today she had her lab work repeated. Also, as of yesterday, her heart murmur was nearly undetectable.

Everything is pointing in a positive direction for sure. She should be going home on Wednesday.Dr. Pedersen wanted me to give her shot to her today so that I could practice and they could observe. As a nurse, giving shots and IV's are one of my favorite things to do (I'm weird like that!), however, it is not the same when it's one of your own...and when there's fur, claws, and teeth! I got the medication in her quick and easy. She was a little vocal and then made a "catatonic" looking face for a split second, pinned her ears back, shook it off and then went to her food bowl like it was no big deal. She actually handles the shot better than she does the rectal temp...and who can blame her there!

Dr. Pedersen told us to get out there and go enjoy the beautiful weather, so we did some more hiking. It's a good thing that we love to hike and don't mind doing it for several hours at a time. It is helping to keep our minds occupied and ease the anxiety of the unknown. We were so busy talking with the team today about her status, progress and future, we neglected to take any new photos.Evening update: Lab work is in...anemia has improved!  e will get all the rest of the specifics tomorrow morning! (Again, yesterday and today's photo credit goes to the amazing Mandy Murphy)!