FIP New Drug Trial Update: Day #5


Well, here we are! Not only did Luna make it to day five, she blew through it like a boss! Jamison and I were saying today, "this just doesn't seem real. How is it that last week we were saying goodbye to her, yet now we are taking home a seemingly healthy, vibrant, pistol of a cat (Dr. Pedersen's descriptive for her) with real hope that we will get to watch her grow up"? I almost feel as if I fell asleep and none of the awful ever happened. I keep thinking how just a few months ago, we were empty nesters and a pet-free couple, who occasionally browsed the Savannah cat breeding sites thinking "it'd really be cool to have one of those cats one day". Yet here we are...two breeders later (one really bad experience that I will blog about at another time) and then the perfect experience finding Luna; only for things to turn lethal in the blink of an eye.

I keep thinking, "what if I never spent all of those hours searching for options after that dreaded diagnosis"? What if I'd never reached out to UC Davis, thinking "there's no way we would actually have a shot at not only saving Luna, but being part of what could actually be the cure for effusive FIP"? And to think that six weeks ago, we didn't even know what FIP was, because we didn't even own a cat! So many things to digest, to explain, to rationalize, to be happy for.

Now on to Luna. She's doing absolutely amazing! Her anemia has improved. Her heart murmur is barely audible. Her belly fluid is essentially non-existent. Her temp. remains normal. Her weight is increasing (and it is real weight, NOT fluid weight!). Her energy level and appetite is through the roof. Her coat is shiny and healthy-looking (no longer dull and standing on end) and there's a spark in her eyes that hasn't been there in weeks!  

What else can I say? It's like there's nothing wrong with her and it's crazy how fast she went from being at death's door now, to seemingly perfect! Tomorrow, we are taking her home and will continue daily injections through 12 weeks, along with daily temps. and weights and repeat lab work every few weeks by our home vet, that will all be reported back to her care team at Davis to add to her study.  

It will be a crazy and expensive next few months, but well worth it!We cannot say enough about the incredible team at UC Davis that took impeccable care of Luna and of us. They were amazing every step of the way and there's no doubt that Luna will be missed by them! We will definitely be closely following the results of this new drug; and the one before it.  

Out of respect for the team and the dedicated work that they do here, we will not disclose any drug or trial information, beyond Luna's progress, as that is their privileged information to publish and share when they are ready to do so. I know inquiring minds what to know and excitement is in the air, but please respect that we will not disclose those details.

We also want to thank our friends, and those in the Savannah community and "FIP Fighters" who so generously pitched in financially to help make things a little easier on us with the costly last-minute flights and hotel arrangements; and it's far from over, but well worth the investment. That generosity will also be paid forward to help with FIP research. You all are incredible and we thank you!