FIP New Drug Trial Update: Lab Results


The good news just keeps coming! Yesterday was Luna's first lab check. I am happy to report yet another astounding improvement! I've attached a comparison from yesterday's CBC & differential to the one from her diagnosis on 4/24/17.

  • Her white cell count is down from 24.6 to 9.9 - NORMAL RANGE

  • She is still slightly anemic, which Dr. Pedersen assures us is normal for a kitten of her age and given the diagnosis/treatment

  • Her differential is in the 100% normal range now (each lab uses different reference ranges)

  • Her total protein, which isn't shown on these results, is now 9.2, up from 5.8 at Davis and 6.6 when she was diagnosed. This is higher because of the protein in her abdominal fluid that her body needs to break down and process. This will be a critical number to watch as she continues to heal.


 Luna continues to do well with the injections becoming more tolerable by her each the point that I can do them without help in holding her down. The rectal temperatures...that's another story! It took five sticks to get the blood yesterday and then the sites didn't want to stop bleeding. Her platelets are just a little on the low side, but not terribly out of range. We had to use pressure dressings and leave them on for one hour.