FIP New Drug Trial: Luna's 5-Week Post-Trial Update

Well my friends, the good news just keeps coming. I'm happy to announce that Luna's most recent set of labs are perfect! The anemia has completely resolved, her platelets are now normal, her white cell count is still normal, and the white cell differential is perfect. This draw included a chemistry to check her liver to make sure there is no damage from the drug. Her liver enzymes are perfect, with the exception of one component (GGT) that is quite elevated. However, at this time, it is not a cause for alarm. Her phosphorus is high as well, but, is also not concerning to the team. Her total protein is in the normal range as well, which means her little body has absorbed and discarded what was in that nasty abdominal fluid from the wet FIP. It's like night and day looking at her values from 6 weeks ago, when she was diagnosed, till today. I can only imagine how excited the team must be about how well Luna is progressing.To be more specific for those who have an understanding of the CBC & CHEMISTRY results, here is what we are seeing in addition to what I mentioned above. Her labs will be checked again in four weeks:

  • Her White Cell Count remains in the normal range @ 11.3 from originally being 24.6!

  • Her Red Blood Cells were 5.5 and now are 7.4 & normal range.

  • Her Hemoglobin was 9.0 and is now 11.6 and Hematocrit was 29.1 and is now 37--both normal range!

As for weight gain, Luna has picked up 11 ounces since being discharged from UC Davis four weeks ago. I don't know if this is enough or what is expected, but it's at least in the right direction. We have had a scare twice this past week with two small bouts of diarrhea and her temperature hitting 102.4 one day, but otherwise her eating, eliminating and temperature have all been normal. She is playful, mischievous (she took a swim in the toilet yesterday) and loves birdwatching and catching bugs that get on the screens. We are going to try our hand at feeding her more of a raw diet in a few days to see if that helps her weight gain and overall health. She is a little stuffy in the mornings and sneezes a lot when she wakes up, but doesn't do that during the day, so hopefully it's nothing to be concerned about. Also, her jaws creak loudly when she yawns; not sure what this is about. I know that is random, but I want to make sure her little bones stay strong, so hopefully it is nothing.