Luna is 6 Months Old! Week #10: FIP New Drug Trial Update

So here we are, in the home stretch of the injections and now six months old! It's hard to believe we started this all at the age of 15 weeks and how far she has come and how much closer UCD and Dr. Pedersen are to what could be a cure for the dreaded effusive/wet FIP nightmare!Luna is thriving, her labs continue to be normal, her temperature is staying in the 100-102 degree range, she is tolerating the injections like a boss, is active and playful, and is growing well (now at 5 lb - 11oz). In fact, she is so healthy, she is in the midst of her first heat cycle! Bad for us to listen to and watch, but it also shows that her body is in good physical health and the drug did not alter her body's maturity.

We were not quite ready for this to occur so soon as we were hoping to have her spayed in the coming weeks after the end of the injection part of her trial. We did not have her come to us spayed from her breeder because we actually considered breeding her for a litter or two since she has the most splendid personality, but then the came FIP diagnosis. We have the fear of that the spay surgery might cause her body stress and the FIP to return, but we are staying confident and hopeful that the virus is gone from her body; that this is not just remission, but a cure. Only time will tell.Happy 6 month birthday sweet Luna!