Out With a Bang: New Drug Trial Update

Luna's last injection is tomorrow! It's hard to believe we have made it to this point. With that said, these last two weeks haven’t been as easy as the first ten, and here's why.We were really hoping that Luna would make it through her twelve weeks of the trial drug before having her first estrus cycle. We knew she’d be cutting it close as she just turned 6 months old on July 9th, but we also thought that the FIP and drug therapy may delay the onset a bit.

Evidently our girl is doing better than we thought, because her body did just what it was supposed to.The expectation was that once she was off the drug for a bit, we would have her spay done. Surgery increases the body’s stress and there is always that fear was that there could be a relapse. Estrus causes a great deal of stress on the body as well, so Dr. Pedersen felt it best to go ahead and get her spay done now, while she still had a few days left of drug coverage, to which we totally agreed.Her first cycle was thankfully a short one; about five days, but it was bad enough that we knew we didn’t want her to go through it again in three-four weeks.

We were able to find an awesome vet who was willing to respectfully operate within the protocol that Dr. Pedersen requested and did her surgery on July 18th (this took some doing since our vet and many others, are set in their standards and will not deviate). Dr. Pedersen also wanted her home as soon as possible after surgery to further decrease her stress; so she was back home in three hours.

We are so close and this trial has been far too successful to let anything alter all the positive progress. It's hard to imagine that something as simple as routine spay surgery could cause a relapse, but no chances were taken.We all thought that she would bounce back quickly from this routine surgery, but that was not the case and she gave Dr. Weller a few challenges during the surgery (breathing and heart rate). She was quite lethargic the first two days and didn’t have an appetite until the evening of day #3. Even today, day #5, it’s not a very impressive one, but improving. She is bright-eyed again, starting to explore and climb, and is even spent a solid 30 minutes trying to nail a fly. I think we are on the mend and that FIP just might be gone from her body for good!