FIP New Drug Trial: Another Success Story - "Dempsey"

I'd like to introduce Dempsey. With permission from his wonderful owners, Sherri and Chris, I'd like to share his FIP success story.Dempsey was ten months old when diagnosed with wet FIP, and ironically, Sherri and Chris learned of his diagnosis on the very same day as our Luna, in April 2017. Dempsey and his two sisters were adopted by Chris and Sherri after losing their sweet, 22-year-old cat, Guinness. His siblings remain healthy and FIP-free!Dempsey was accepted into the trial at UC Davis and traveled to California on May 19th, shortly after Luna returned home, making him the third privately-owned cat to be a part of this small research project. I had the honor of meeting Dempsey, Chris and Sherri before they left for UCD. He was indeed, one very sick kitty as you can see from his distended abdomen.

August 7, 2017 was Dempsey's last injection and his current blood work remains normal today, with no signs of FIP!  His weight is up to 11 pounds, his temperature is normal, he i

s eating well, playing hard, happy, and full of life!