FIP New Drug Trial: Two Weeks Off and Holding Strong!

Today marks the end of week #2 off the FIP antiviral trial drug (Nucleoside Inhibitor of Reverse Transcription). Luna will turn 7 months old on August 9th. She is gaining weight everyday thanks to her improved appetite. Her temperature has remained within normal range and there is no sign of ascites in her abdomen. Her energy level is off the hook and you would never know that she was at death's door just over 3 months ago. Her current weight is 6# 6oz. She will be having her first set of labs drawn, since stopping her meds, on August 23rd. Her last labs were near perfect in her final week (week #12), which was also when she was spayed due to having gotten her first heat cycle sooner than we had hoped. It was a glorious day when I took all of those old syringes to work with me at the hospital to dispose of them. I hope we never have to see these again. We know that a relapse is very possible as has been evidenced by other cats in these trials, but we have a strong feeling that Luna will be one of the survivors. Everything so far points to a successful trial for her.

I have enjoyed sharing Luna's journey with so many wonderful people who have been nothing but supportive and excited for our sweet kitty's well-being. Your support has earned my blog over 23,000 visits in just 14 weeks and my posts have been transcribed in many other countries too! What better way to educate cat owners about FIP and instill hope that curative drugs are just around the corner! Thank you all for the shares, the comments, the follows, and for sharing your personal stories with me as well. I promise I will keep the updates coming as often as I have news or milestones to share.And don't forget, FIP research needs your help. We are looking for as many people as possible to pledge just $10 a month to help UC Davis and the other institutions they collaborate with, to fund ongoing research trials. The more solid research and curative evidence that they can get, the faster these drugs can get approved for commercial use. f it seems like time is standing still to those who have sick cats and for those who lost cats to FIP, just imagine how it must feel to those who have dedicated their careers to ending this dreadful disease. Let's help make it happen!