FIP New Drug Trial: Six Weeks Out and Thriving!

Here we are at the six-week mark of Luna being off of her life-saving, anti-viral, trial drug and she is exceeding all expectations! She had her four-week labs drawn on August 23rd and aside from a lab error with her platelets (caused by six attempts by the technician to get her blood, resulting in a clotted specimen), they are all holding steady with only a few small variances from the last few draws that are to minute to be of concern to the research team. We will check her labs again at the 10-12 week mark.

Luna is 7 1/2 lbs now and continues to be extremely active and playful; particularly at about 5:00 a.m. when she drags up each one of her toys into our bed, demanding that we play fetch with her! Her temperature has remained stable as has her appetite.

We are enjoying her normal Savannah cat behavior and temperament and watching her blossom into an adult cat, which feels like it happened almost overnight. It's hard to believe that we are getting to do that; most days it's still very surreal that she is not only still with us, but thriving. The focus now for us is to try to relax and not be constantly checking her belly several times per day or freaking out if she wants to nap longer than usual or if she is having a finicky day of not eating.

The plan next, is to soon get her a playmate; another Savannah kitten who is healthy and poses no health risks to Luna and vice-versa. Savannah cats are very busy, playful, inquisitive, and attention-seeking and we would love for her to be able to have a companion for those times that she is home alone. She is a very good cat and doesn't destroy things or get into much like many are known to do. We really are very lucky in so many ways with Luna and we are not taking one second of that for granted. The adventure continues!