Luna's Drug Trial Update: 10 Weeks Out, Labs Are Perfect!

If you are new to following Luna's progress or new to the FIP world, you can catch up by reading Luna's back story here: Luna's FIP Story.The great progress just keeps coming! Luna will be nine months old on October 9th. he just had her labs drawn yesterday (last draw was 6 weeks ago) and every single component was perfectly within normal range. These are best and most stable results she has had to date! (and they have always been good)! She is growing in weight and stature (almost nine pounds now) and has actually gotten a little bit "fluffy" around the mid-section, which we have watched closely to make sure it's weight gain/growth and not a relapse! We hope it's just a growth spurt and that she will level out as she approaches the one year mark.What will likely help with this is new weight gain, is that we got her two new sibling Savannah kittens this past week, whom I will introduce in another post. That should keep her energetic and active for sure!We really do feel that it won't be long before we can confidently say that Luna has been cured of effusive FIP. We will probably never let our guard down completely, but my gut and heart tells me that this drug is going to put an end to the curse of effusive FIP once and for all!