Introducing Savannah Kittens Titan and Calypso

We are excited to announce the addition of two new, amazing Savannah kittens to our family; but mostly, for Luna so that she now has some partners in Savandalism and Savannahgans! (now that we feel confident about her future that is free from deadly FIP).We have wanted to get her a buddy for some time, but since her diagnosis with FIP, we just weren't sure if that was a safe thing to do; both for her health and for the health of the future cats. Since it appears that Luna's FIP has been resolved (everyone is still hesitant still to call her "cured") it was deemed safe to proceed with the addition of another feline friend.After months of communication with a breeder in northern California (who had reached out to us when we took Luna to UCDavis to start her drug trial), we were able to make it happen and spent three days visiting and bonding with all the wonderful kittens and cats. We chose a female silver Savannah, whom we named "Calypso" or Cally for short, to join our family. She is now 17 weeks old and absolutely adorable! She is dainty, mild-mannered, and a bit on the shy side, but is fitting in quite nicely. When we visited the cattery of Savannarama, in beautiful northern California, there was an older kitten that kept clinging to us and it seemed like he would like to come home with us too! This green-eyed hunk of muscle is named is "Titan" and he is seven months old; already the size of Luna! Luna is now nine months old; so hard to believe!We never imagined we would have two Savannah cats, let alone three! Titan is a very affectionate and demanding boy who is built solid and strong and can jump high. We have a feeling that will be a big, tall cat, judging by how much he has grown in just the last three weeks and how insatiable his appetite has been! Cally is happy-go-lucky and has no problem keeping up with the big kids and even though it seems like they wrestle and play rough, she keeps jumping back in for more. Both of them baby her by taking turns grooming and cuddling with her. It's so fun to watch. Going from never having pets to now three Savannahs has been a fun adjustment for we empty-nesters! We are quite thankful that we have a cat-loving, dear friend as a neighbor who happily looks after them when needed. We are thinking about taking all three of them camping soon so Luna can show them how it's done!Rewind three weeks. When we arrived home with two kittens, Luna was NOT happy. She hissed and growled like nothing we have ever heard from her. She was very displeased, but we knew to expect this behavior. We opted not to take her with us on this trip to get the kitten(s) as we did not want to cause her the stress of having to meet her new buddies in a strange place and also while traveling such a long distance.The bickering through the door went on for about five days off and on with short bouts of letting them see one another. Anytime we would try to introduce the pair (who were already bonded) to, Luna, she would attack them and make those frightening noises that we never heard from our sweet angel! However, when we would separate them again, she would try to see them under the door and cry to get in with them! Finally, we opened the door and let all three out to run around the house and duke it out. That was all it took; a few hours of hissing, hiding, lunging, growling, wrestling, biting, and running at full speed. And that was that. It took roughly 5 days to acclimate them all and we couldn't be happier seeing Luna thriving and interacting with her new friends. Oh...and I'll sneak in that we are now three months off her FIP trial drug too!