Happy First Birthday Luna! A Year in Review

I am delighted to get to write another positive post about Luna's trial and milestones, but more than anything, I'm elated to be saying that we are about to celebrate this sweet Savannah girl's first birthday tomorrow, January 9th, 2017!We feel so much gratitude that we still have her with us (now over five months since her final injection) and we truly appreciate all you who have been so supportive and encouraging this past year. Luna, and the other cats in her trial who are thriving, are a symbol of hope that the researchers are closer than ever to finding a cure for effusive FIP. Even though the news and updates seem few and far between, please know that the research and work on curing FIP is never-ending and one day soon, more cat's lives will be saved.Below is a timeline of Luna's first year of life. Some photos are sad to look at, but the focus is on the end result; a beautiful, sleek, healthy, playful, girl whose spunky personality is second to none. She is spoiled, I'm not going to lie. She can do no wrong. She almost died and not one second of that is taken for granted; therefore, she is the queen! Happy one year birthday to our Diva Queen "Luna-tic"!