Fundraiser for SOCKFIP; Luna's Last Lab Draw

Update:  $185 raised on my Facebook Fundraiser for SOCKFIP.Please visit SOCKFIP (Save Our Cats and Kittens from Feline Infectious Peritonitis) on the UCDavis website.As of March 7th, with a picture-perfect and FINAL set of lab results, and over seven months since her last injection, our sweet Luna is now considered CURED of FIP, according to Dr. Niels Pedersen at University of California, Davis. To celebrate this amazing accomplishment, I lead a small fundraiser for SOCKFIP to help raise funds for more studies like the one Luna just completed!The Bria Fund and Winn Feline Foundation provided grants to fund the trials as has the ZenByCat non-profit that was started by another UCD FIP cat owner (also a survivor, Smokey), Peter Cohen.