For Luna's Followers


I am having an issue with spam bots adding themselves to my and getting past my spam blocker. If you are a legitimate subscriber to my blog site, especially those who follow Luna's progress, please post in the comments below, your name and email address so that I can be sure to not remove you from the subscription list. I know this is a pain, but it's the only way I can ensure complete protection to my site. I already "cleaned house" once earlier this year, and sadly, I removed people that shouldn't have been removed. The bad people always ruin everything or at best, make running a legitimate page, very difficult and time consuming. Thank you all for your continued support! Luna is doing fabulous and the research team is still hard at work navigating through the many red tapes with the drug companies and the FDA. The hold-up is beyond frustrating, but they are not giving up on getting these life-saving drugs available.