150 Cruise Ship Towel Animals and How You Can Make Them Too

I have purchased the following books on Amazon to start practicing and plan to jump in on a class the next time I see one offered on board. I researched several books and read the reviews before deciding on these two. The first one is a spiral-bound book and is also available in a Kindle format (2006). The second by Carnival (I could not find one for Royal), it's a bit pricey, but a nice hardback (no Kindle option), 2004.

I could not find any recently published books on making these creations. I also came across a few YouTube video tutorials.

Since we often have overnight guests and entertain, I thought it might be fun to learn how to make some of these! I also think they would make fun wedding and bridal shower gifts or center pieces! These might be a fun project to do with kids or grandkids too!

Of course, I didn't have a single white towel to my name when I decided to start making these, so I had to order some up! I tried to find towels with only a small decorator stripe on them and of decent quality since in all likelihood, our guests will be using them! I also wanted some that weren't super thick and hard to work with. 8-Piece Towel Set 8 Pieces Eco-Friendly Towel Set

Thanks to everyone who submitted a towel animal, towel person, towel flower, towel cake photo for this blog! If you have one that isn't shown, feel free to message or tag me on Facebook with a photo and I will add it here!