FIFTY THREE - Party Pictures and a HUGE Thank You!

To all my surprise party attendees who made last evening one to treasure forever (and one more thing off my bucket list!) THANK YOU! I hope you all had as much fun as I did! I’m overwhelmed with joy and I wish there were more hours to spend with you all because time flew by like a flash.

Have you ever been to a party where no one danced until the tail-end or were too shy to get things going? Well, that was NOT the case here! That dance floor was on fire from start to finish! Even the last hour with the last ones standing, was non-stop. THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping the dance floor ignited with happy feet and crazy antics…the way I like it! If I didn’t get you out there, “congratulations”, because I rarely take “hell no” for an answer!

Did Rock This Way blow you away or what!?!? If you loved them, please check out their page for a schedule of their upcoming events and join us as we follow them around Central Ohio! I cannot believe Jamison hired got them because they are a busy, popular band and now you see why!

Band Members:
Davey Michael McCandlish - Lead Vocals
Rhythm Guitar & Keyboard - David William McCandlish
Jaxson Tackett -Drums
Matt Bradley - Lead Guitar

You all made FIFTYTHREE the best birthday ever and a dream come true. Jamison Roberts knocked this out of the park and I couldn't be happier! I've always wanted a night like this with the people I adore most! I'm a lucky girl to have so many special people in my life! It's so refreshing to be able to cut loose and have fun like that too!

Thank you Sandy for handling the details of the venue while Jamison took care of getting me there—you were his partner in crime from day one! Thank you to Sheri and Natalie and anyone else who helped him pull together the guest list when he was unable to hijack my phone for contacts and my Facebook account looking for my friend’s contact information.Thank you Jamison for reaching out to my kids and the friends I’ve missed to make sure they could be there. Thank you to those who had to travel or who had other commitments, yet still fit me into your night. My husband now knows the joys and frustrations associated with pulling together a party like this and getting people contacted and committed—worrying about food and alcohol selections, accurate head counts, the band, invitations, and reminders; all while trying to keep it a surprise. He has a new appreciation for the letters “RSVP” and why cupcakes are the way to go!

Cynthia…thank you for getting me out of that annoying bra without ever having to leave the dance floor. It’s almost scary how effortlessly we pulled that off—next party I’m wearing flat shoes and a sports bra—screw vanity! Davey, (lead singer), I did my first-ever tequila shot with you! It only took me to FIFTYTHREE—I’m a late bloomer.

Holy wow you all! Your PRESENCE was my gift…your PRESENTS was the icing on the cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes; were those to die for or what? Jamison handled that too! You all know me so well…jewelry, fufu stuff, candles, tons of wine and wine-related items, bourbon, shopping cards, sweet treats galore…what a treat and all my favorites!

It was a whirlwind evening and I tried my best to get photos with and of everyone—my brain was so fried I forgot to eat and nursed my drinks so I didn’t do anything dumber than I normally do! I filled a plate then got whisked away for a photo or something, never to eat again. I heard the food was delicious though :)

So, here you go! Photos like crazy! Thanks to everyone who was snapping away and pinning me down to make wonderful memories in photos!