16 Vibrant, Unique, and Colorful Nail Combos

I love getting a new long-lasting gel manicure every three weeks! I especially love coming up with fun and different color combinations, especially for my cruise and beach vacations and holidays.

The photos below are some of my all-time favorites and you’ll notice one commonality in all my photos…my secret to long-lasting manicures—GLITTER! That’s right! A single layer of glitter gel polish adds not only glitz and glam, but a durable extra layer I’ve found resists lifting and peeling. I’m very active and somewhat rough on my hands and nails, but I can easily get 3-4 weeks from gel polish when I have my awesome nail technician add a splash of clear, fine glitter right before the top coat.

I prefer OPI brand gels for my manicures as I find it to have the best longevity and durability. The titles below are my own based on what comes to my mind when I see the finished product (NOT the names from the polish bottles).