Luna's Drug Trial Update: 6+ Months FIP-Free


Each day that I see more and more cats losing their battles with FIP and owners having to say goodbye to their beloved cats, it gets harder and harder for me to write such upbeat and positive blog posts. I can't lie. I get overwhelmed with guilt that Luna was saved, while so many still can't be, and to know firsthand that there is a cure and that it could still be years before it can be approved, manufactured, and commercially available. I know that is not the way I should think or feel, but celebrating Luna's life and the success of this trial also brings up those emotions too.

Just know that I don't take this cure for granted and that everyday I continue to read and follow all the stories on the FIP Fighters page. Some days I can comment and other days it kills me to even go there. I don't take this success lightly and I know that we are extremely lucky having been in the right place, at the right time. I love to share the updates because I also know that it gives hope to all cat owners who worry everyday about their cat getting this dreadful disease and that for those whose cats lost the fight, the knowledge that someone out there is working hard to stop this maddening disease. I cannot keep this amazing progress to myself and not share it with so many who have supported not only us with Luna, but the other cats/owners who were also able to enroll their cats in this trial who choose to remain out of the spotlight.

On another happy note, it's been a true joy to watch Luna get acclimated with the two new Savannah buddies that we got for her in October. She was a little monster to them the first five days, but once we removed the quarantine barriers and just let them go at it, everything came together about as perfectly as it could have.For those who haven't met the whole brood; Luna (FIP survivor, F3 generation) is ten months old and 9# 5oz. Titan (an F3 generation like Luna) is eight months old and 9# 12oz., and little Calypso ("Cally", an F5 generation silver Savannah) is almost five months old and is 5# 6oz.

There is never a dull moment in our house now with three...and we never expected to own three...two maybe, but not more. It has worked out perfectly and we are very glad that when we visited the cattery of Savannarama in northern California to pick up Calypso, little (big) Titan attached himself to us and left us no choice by to add him to the family as well!They play hard, run fast, sound like thunder and are always hungry. It's our understanding that Savannah cats can grow for 2-3 years, so we are just getting started. Luna's appetite has really taken off since she's been off of her daily injections too. It's the best sight to see and hear them chasing one another around, wrestling, grooming, playing, and ultimately, SLEEPING!